• 37492015/06/15
    On June 4, 2015, the 2015 first semi-annual BiostimeInstitute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) science consultant meeting was held inHangzhou. During the one-day meeting, the experts and consultants of BINC successfully selected the first batch of projects to ...
  • 30042015/05/05
    In order to encourage the maternal and child health institutions atall levels in China to implement innovative applied researches, and to further promotethe comprehensive levels of scientific research in the maternal and childhealth system, the National Ce...
  • 30862015/01/08
    In order to encourage innovative researches in the field of domestic maternal and child's health, and promote further improvement of the scientific research level of the mother and children's health
  • 27052016/04/25
    In the evening of Sep, 13th, taking the opportunity of the 19th National Pediatric Academic Conference, a grand inauguration ceremony of Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) was held in Chongqing, China. Nearly a hundred of pediatric experts fro...
  • 44932015/07/28
    From July 16th to 19th, 2015, the 21st Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Association was grandly held in Hefei. This meeting was held by the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Society of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Ass...