•  Follow Name:Ardythe Morrow
    Job title:Professor
    Introduction:Ardythe Morrow is professor emerita at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where she heads the human milk research laboratory and directs the CDC-fund...
  •  Follow Name:Bo Lonnerdal
    Job title:Professor
    Introduction:Bo Lonnerdal is the outstanding professor of nutrition and medicine of UC Davis, WHO consultant, the founder of The international society for the study of breast milk and lactation...
  •  Follow Name:Huimin Yu
    Job title:Medical Doctor/Pediatric Professor
    Introduction:Huimin Yu is the Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Director of the Institute of Pediatric Research, Zhejiang University School of Medicine. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Perin...
  •  Follow Name:Patrice Malard
    Job title:Doctor / CTO of Biostime
    Introduction:Dr. Patrice Malard did its PhD degree at the University of Lille France in Developmental Biology where he was working on genetics of filamentous fungi. In the early eighties he joi...
  •  Follow Name:UMBERTO SIMEONI
    Job title:Professor
    Introduction:Dr. Simeoni is Professor of Paediatrics at Faculté de Biologie et de Médecine, University of Lausanne and Director of the Division of Pediatrics and of the Developmental Origins...
  •  Follow Name:Yixiang Su
    Job title:Professor/Doctoral Supervisor
    Introduction:Su Yixiang is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yet-sen University. She is also a honorary member of Chinese Nutrition So...
  •  Follow Name:Zhixu Wang
    Job title:Professor
    Introduction:The chairman of Maternal and Child Nutrition Society, CNS and also the director of department of Child and Maternity, Institute of Public Health, Nanjing Medical University.
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