Name:Yixiang Su
Job title:Professor/Doctoral Supervisor


 Su Yixiang has published more than 150 papers. Her articles entitled “Series Research on Nutritional Requirements during Pregnancy”, “Research on Adequate Calcium Intake for Three Specific Groups including Women, and on Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis”, etc.  received an award from Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, and the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements under CNS.  She mainly compiled many monographs, teaching materials and popular science readings, including An Overview of Nutrition Science Volume IV: Nutrition of Various Groups, with over 4 million words. As deputy director of the expert committee, Su participated in the revision and compilation of Chinese Dietary Reference Intakes (2013), and Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents: Dietary Guidelines for Women and Children(2016) by CNS.

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