Name:Patrice Malard
Job title:Doctor / CTO of Biostime


Dr. Patrice Malard did its PhD degree at the University of Lille France in Developmental Biology where he was working on genetics of filamentous fungi. In the early eighties he joined Gist-Brocades in the Netherlands as a Researcher in the field of industrial enzymes for food and non-food applications. He became later Research Director of the French research group. He also joined the US based Pioneer Hi-Bred the world leader in corn seeds as Strategy Director where he concentrated on specialty crops for the industry and selection of hybrids for the French market. Later he worked in the cosmetic industry through the development of active ingredients based on natural sources as Director of Silab. In 1999 he came back to microbiology by joining Institute Rosell/Lallemand as business & products development director in the field of probiotics for about 10 years. He is now Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of the Technology Center of Biostime.