1. What is this website about?

This website is the official one of Biostime institute nutrition & care. For more information about the institute, please click here.

This is a comprehensive website which focuses on three academic fields including nutrition & care & mental and the research of mum and baby health. We hope to provide a communication platform to the exchange and share of medical workers, which will promote the research and share the latest research findings with society.

Academic experts and professors are brought together in three areas including "Nutrition & Care & Psychology";

The schedules of latest academic meetings are provided here;

A variety of learning resources are provided here, and they could be downloaded freely;

The exclusive interview is provided by authoritative experts and scholars;

Here we have the unique activities of our institute. The CDC foundation is introduced, which funds the research……

We sincerely look forward to your attention and registration (30 seconds fast Registration).

2. How can you get started quickly?

Here are some tips:

(1)Take advantage of the search bar. The search bar is provided in the main page of the site, in addition with the advanced search features. You could find the resource you want quickly, through searching the whole station or the current page.

(2) Make use of the site map. Here you can see the entire structure of the website and find your destination page quickly!

(3) What the most important is that the more you hang out on the website,the more frequently you will get familiar with it!

If you have any problem about the use of this website, please contact us.



1.1 Must a real name use during the registration? Could the registered mailbox be changed?         

This site is a platform for the exchange and share of academic information, so a real name is not required (The senior members is not included, and a real-name authentication is required). Users can set user name based on their habits.

The following cases are prohibited:

(1)Based on private purposes (such as advertisement, malicious slander, etc.), non-personal names (such as XXX device company, Wahaha purified water,anonymous user and so on) are used deliberately. A real-name authentication is required, when you use the name such as enterprises, product name, etc.

(2) The user's name contains the content that insult someone or contain special symbols or meaningless punctuation such as ★,☆, ◎, ■, etc.

(3) Other content violate relevant laws and regulations.

It is forbidden that the vague expression is used to circumvent the above restrictions.

For the user who breaks the rules, this site reserved the power to warn the user, modify the user's name or disable the account.

1.2 Can a company or organization register?         

Yes. Please submit information according to the actual situation.

1.3 Could the registered mailbox be changed?         

Users can modify the account settings.


1. How was the level of the users divided? What permission do they have? How to upgrade?

The users were divided four levels including experts, senior members, members and visitors. The permissions are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                  


In which,

(1)Visitors are unregistered users;

(2)Members users who registered successfully;

(3)A senior member must meet one of the following conditions: (a) a real-name authentication (For details, see below), the attending physician or above; (b) the accumulated points are not less than 500; (c) have logged more than 200 days;

(4) Experts and scientific directors are granted by the administrator. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

2.How to get a real-name authentication and become a senior member?

After you have successfully registered as a member, please accomplish your profile. The staff would examine that, then you will become a senior member.

[Member point]

1. What is the member point? How to get the point?

The member point can be used to download learning materials (including guidelines, literature, etc.). The user can get the point through various methods including the completion of registration, accomplishing the personal profile, logining daily and completing survey. The rule of getting points is as follows:


  1. How to download the learning resources?        

Each data is corresponding to a ranging point value. The enough points are needed for a member to download learning resources available.


1.1 What is the reward after someone participate a small survey?         

After you complete a small survey, you will get corresponding points, which is fun and easy.   


1.2 How do I ask a question to a consult expert?         

Please edit your question as an e-mail and send it to the mailbox (institute@biostime.com). After that our staff will contact the experts who would give an answer to your question. We will select some representative answers and publish them on this site.  

1.3 What do users need to pay attention to their comments?         

This site is a platform for the exchange and share of academic information. Please treat the different opinions friendly, respectfully, tolerantly and reasonably.

The comment involves the following content is prohibited:

(1)Messages are in violation of Chinese laws and regulations;

(2) Messages are slanderous, abusive,assault, threatening, or disrespectful to other users;

(3) Messages are the job search, recruitment, advertisement and other non-standard content;

(4) Messages are a malicious behavior including the release of low-quality response repetitively in a short time.

For the user who breaks the rules, this site reserved the power to warn the user, ask them to modify the content or disable the account permanently.

4. How does the site handle with the privacy issues?

We respect your privacy at this site, we promise to protect your personal information securely. For the section of the user privacy, check the site disclaimer.