Introduction of Biostime Institution of Nutrition & Care (BINC)

Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) is a non-profit organization, continues to be committed to providing a comprehensive health solution for maternal and child. Cooperating with authoritative experts, BINC focus its work on conducting scientific research, building professional communication platforms, promoting academic researches and communication in the fields of nutrition & care & psychology and sharing latest research achievements and academic information with the society.

BINC is an academic organization, whose members consist of scientific experts in their respective fields. Most of experts are coming from domestic & overseas academic societies, universities, institutes, health systems, government supervision departments and innovative enterprises.

BINC regularly holds academic activities seminars, expert interviews, and lecture series. In order to promote scientific research, BINC also offers many academic organizations and noted universities with scientific research funding and scholarships.


Our Mission

1. Offer a comprehensive health solution

2. Support scientific research in health field

3. Encourage the international cooperation between enterprises, universities and institutes

4. Promote exchange with authoritative scientific organizations

5. Provide an international platform for scientific communication


Expert Team

Scientific Consultants

Nutritional Science Consultants: Bo Lonnerdal, Su Yixiang

Pediatrics Consultant: Ardythe Morrow, Yu Huimin

Microbioloby Consultant: Paul Ross

Applied Science Consultants: Patrice Malard


Expert committee (listed by last name)

Pediatrics Experts: Li Fei, Li Ping, Li Zailing, Jiang Jingxiong, Peng Yongmei, Xu Chundi, Zhou Wei

Obstetrics Experts: Xu Xianming, Yang Huixia, Yang Nianhong

Food science / Microbiology Experts: Chen Wei, Huo guicheng, Wang Xin

Maternal and Child Nutrition Experts: Wang Zhixu

Dermatology Expert: Lai Wei, Ma Lin

Psychology Expert: Liu Wen, Jingjin 

More information about scientific consultants and expert committee members, please go to “Experts”.


Sponsor Introduction

Guangzhou Biostime aims to provide pregnant women and mothers with children nutrition & care solutions.

Guangzhou Biostime was founded in 1999. In 2006, as one of the probiotic factories with the highest cleanliness rating, our probiotics GMP plant was established in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and equipped with its own R&D team and QC equipment. On December 17, 2010, Biostime (HK. 1112) was successfully listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong Ltd. At present, the company has established 104 sales offices with more than 2500 full-time employees across the country.

Our strategies to develop our products in cooperation with superb suppliers screened worldwide, so as to guarantee the quality of products for Chinese infants and young children. The brands under our company include "Biostime" for high-end infant nutrition products, "BMcare" for high-end infant care products,as well as the "Adimil" series which contains fortified infant formula, and "Mama 100", an important member service platform where our members have access to exchanges and parenting consultations. Biostime will provide more products and services for Chinese mothers t in the future.



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