Name:Bo Lonnerdal
Job title:Professor


Bo Lonnerdal is the outstanding professor of nutrition and medicine of UC Davis, WHO consultant, the founder of the international society for the study of breast milk and lactation (ISRHML).


Bo Lonnerdal hold the St. Goran's Annual Lecture in Nutritional Physiology, Karolinska Institute in 1986. In 1987, He hold the Underwood Memorial Lecture in Trace Element Research and got Borden Award in 1990. He got International Award for Modern Nutrition in 1991 and was given Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctor) in Medicine, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 2000. In 2002, he got Macy-Gyorgy Award (for research on human milk and its components). He won Gabriel Bertrand Prize and Medal for research on trace element metabolism in 2004. He is the member of American Society for Nutritional Sciences (ASNS), American Society for Clinical Nutrition (ASCN), Society for International Nutrition Research(SINR), International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation (ISRHML).