BINC shared the breakthrough research achievement,reappeared in the 24th Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society
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“Caring the growth of infants and children, and focusing on their health” are always the responsibility of the society. In order to promote the progress and innovation of Pediatrics, on October 23, 2019, the 24thCongress of Chinese Pediatric Society was held in Zhuhai International Convention Center.

Infants and children nutritional care has received more and more attention, scientific research power of the medical community has also become more prominent by various academic reports. At the meeting, Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) shared the breakthrough research results of breast milk-related ingredients and intestinal health of infants and children with the attending experts.


Focusing on breast milk composition, infants and children intestinal health, BINC research achievement become a spot light

As one of the most influence pediatric medical congress, every years, pediatric annual meeting will focus on pediatric intestinal, hepatology and clinical research in nutrition field and other important topics. Meanwhile, BINC and other academic organizations discussed around “supporting breastfeeding”, “caring infant intestinal health”, which also become a spot light in the meeting.


“Infant malnutrition will have adverse consequences for the future growth of children. How to provide infants and children with a scientific and comprehensive nutrition supply and care for intestinal health is a topic that every parent pays attention to and the focus of pediatric research."The International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China welfare institute (IPMCH) children health care dept. Prof. Yu Wen said on site.


As an academic organization focusing on scientific research and providing comprehensive solutions for mothers and infants, BINC committed to do the research in breast milk nutritional composition and infant intestinal health. At the meeting, Biostime displayed the active ingredients of LPN? whey protein, SN-2 PLUS? affinity structural lipids, and the related research achievements of the intestinal flora and prebiotics of infants and young children already carried out by BINC Microbiota Research Center.

Biostime also shared that formula powder with added LPN? whey protein (naturally contains OPN osteopontin), can help adjust infant cytokine level, reduce abnormal temperature, feeding effect is closer to breastfeeding. Biostime infant clinical research results on LPN whey protein completed with well-known hospital and universities have attracted the attention of many participating experts.


The first infant clinical trial of SN-2 structural lipids in China was conducted by Biostime. Clinical trial results showed that, SN-2 PLUS? affinity structural lipids feeding effect is closer to breast milk, can provide rich fatty acid and help infants to treat the absorption of fat and calcium.


In the factor of caring infant intestinal health, Prof. Yu Wen showed that in order to help adjust the balance of the baby's intestinal flora.It is clinically recommended to properly supplement some probiotics to improve digestion problems in formula feeding. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the standards of strains and bacterial counts. It is best to choose products that have clinical effects to verify effectiveness and safety.

Prof. Yu Wen from Children Health Care Dept. of The International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of Medicine College Shanghai Jiaotong University (left)


At the meeting, Biostime display the probiotic product “Biostime children probiotic”, and brand new drop type product “probiotic drops”. The drops have the characteristics of “mixed powder and liquid, longer-lasting activity, and easy to use in multiple scenes".  Each bottle of drops has a high amount of 62.5 billion live bacteria, which can also be used by 0 years old newborn babies. It has been clinically proven to help improve newborns’ Intestinal problems.


Biostime displayed the brand new products: Cute Betty Goat Milk, HMO formula attracted much attention

H&H Group has always been committed to combining the power of nature and scientific research wisdom, hoping to integrate global high quality resources, and to provide scientific evidence, technological development and innovative product solutions for the global research and development of maternal and infant health through scientific research strength. Therefore, Biostime of H&H Group displayed the latest 100% pure goat milk protein formula powder—Cute Betty goat milk powder at the conference.


Biostime Cute Betty goat milk powder use 100% pure goat milk protein, without milk protein, small molecule goat milk fat ball, easily for digestion and absorption, less allergen protein, composition structure is closer to breast milk. At the same time, combined with the “double prebiotics” (GOS+FOS) and high content of “DHA+ARA” of Biostime Cute Betty goat milk powder with innovative formula, will better provide the comprehensive nutrition needs for babies. Biostime has always been based on scientific research and innovation, keep researching and developing its products. The innovation of Cute Betty goat milk is going to become a new star in the formula goat milk market.

At the same time, Biostime specially showed that the brand new upgrade formula-Biostime HMO formula.

BINC and other professional institutions have taken breast milk low fat (HMO) as their research focus, and have gradually promoted the transformation of scientific research results. Studies have shown that HMO, as an important active substance in breast milk, has a variety of selectivity, including regulating intestinal flora, improving immune function, improving cognitive ability, and increasing the formula of HMO may reduce the size of breast milk gap. "


Biostime HMO formula milk powderhas a balanced effect of HMO, LPN? whey protein and SN-2 PLUS?affinity structural lipids, which will support the development of the immune system and help infants and children to better form the intestinal immune environment. What is worth looking forward to is that Biostime HMO formula is about to be sold in Hong Kong, China and CBET platform.


Cooperate with BINC to build up a perinatal research platform, Biostime boost the development of maternal and child health industry

Adhering to the PPAE concepts of H&H Group's Premium (high-end quality), Proven (scientific verification), Aspirational (pursuing excellence), Engaging (participating in interaction), Biostime has gradually improved the production, learning, Research integration development matrix.


In addition to conducting scientific research activities in China, in order to participate more extensively in international academic activities and promote global research on maternal and infant health, BINC has established a new center in Geneva in 2017 and has officially launched a program that includes well-known European universities, research institutions and other scientific research projects. It is foreseeable that BINC will converge more international scientific research cooperation and jointly achieve innovation and research and development breakthroughs in the industry.

BINC continuously focus on global resources, while attaching importance to research and development and increasing investment, Biostime will also adhere to the combination of nature and scientific research wisdom, promote the promotion of infant nutrition awareness, and make correct nutritional supplement guidance. In the future, to give full play to the advantages of scientific research, Biostime will contribute more research and innovation to improve the level of maternal and child health services in China and to better serve the nutritional health of consumers worldwide. Please stay tuned.

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