Through Innovation and Sharing, BINC Opens a New Chapter in the Transformation of Breastmilk Research Achievements
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Breastmilk is recognized as the gold food for infants, and the World Health Organization strongly recommends that infants should be fed breastmilk exclusively for the first 6 months of life. Breastmilk is also the gold standard for infant formula. Therefore, the nutritional composition of breastmilk has always been a hot topic in the field of maternal and infant nutrition.

Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) has always been committed to the study of breastmilk compositions. To this end, BINC has established a model of “Platform + Fund”, which integrates a world-leading microbiota and nutrition research center, a clinical medical research center, and a global testing center, and focuses on five research directions including breastmilk nutrition and breastmilk micro-ecology. BINC has also set up the Maternal and Child Nutrition & Care Research Fund, with accumulated investment exceeding 5 million yuan.

BINC promotes the development of breastmilk nutrition in China with its innovative breastmilk research

Recently, BINC carried out the “Xiang Study” and explored the changes of key breastmilk compositions such as osteopontin (OPN), HMO and breastmilk flora and intestinal flora in Chinese population over time through Biostime maternal and children cohort. The research results have been published in Nutrition Research and Practice, an internationally renowned magazine. As BINC presses ahead with this research, we will have a deeper understanding of the key nutritional compositions and changing rules of Chinese breastmilk. We will continue to share the latest findings in breastmilk research with the public.

“Xiang Study” has been published in Nutrition Research and Practice

To further share research achievements, BINC became one of the achievements transformation units of the “Joint Laboratory for Breastmilk Research” led by CDC NINH

The Joint Laboratory for Research on Breast Milkis a deepening of the results of the project "Research on the Creation andCommon Key Technology of Special Dairy Products Based on China's Breast MilkComponents", a national key R&D project of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Inorder to further the transformation of breastmilk research achievements, BINC became one of the achievements transformation units ofthe “Joint Laboratory for Breastmilk Research” led by CDC NINH (NationalInstitute for Nutrition and Health). BINC, together with a number ofwell-known universities and research institutions, will promote theconstruction of breastmilk biobank in China, carry out further research onbreastmilk composition analysis techniques and methods, continue to improve thebreastmilk composition database of Chinese characteristics, and develop a newgeneration of domestic infant formula.


Prof. Lai Jianqiang from CDC NINH and Prof. Su Yixiang from Sun Yat-senUniversity announced the establishment of the joint laboratory


Adhering to the mission of “Dedicate to Science, Carefor Mother & Children”, BINC will forge ahead to devote itself to the scientificresearch and innovation and cooperate with more industry forces to promote thedevelopment of the maternal and infant industry in China and to protect thehealth of mothers and children with solid science!

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