H&H Group Deeply Participates in ChinaGUT 2023, Shares Innovative Research on Probiotics Plus
Beijing, China952023/05/22 Favorite

On May 20-22, 2023, the ChinaGUT, co-sponsored by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, National Clinical  Research Center for Digestive Diseases (Xi'an), R Institute, and the Gut Microbiome subgroup, BSC, was successfully held in Beijing. The conference invited tens of thousands of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to exchange and discuss a series of scientific issues such as microbiome, pharmaceutical transformation, nutrition and food, immunity, physiology and development. As one of the leading companies in the field of probiotic industry and innovative research, H&H Group was invited to attend the conference and set up an independent session - Maternal and Infant Microecology Conference and booth to share the innovative research results of the Probiotics Plus Milk Bridging Protein (Milk-derived Bone Bridging Protein LPN) delivery system, which attracted wide attention and in-depth exchanges among the participants.

H&H Group has always been committed to research in the field of early life nutrition and health. In recent years, BINC Microecology Research and Application Innovation Platform has cooperated with Prof. Bin Zhang's group at South China University of Technology to carry out a number of innovative research projects focusing on breast milk active ingredients such as breast milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) and lactobronchial proteins (LPNs), which are related to the growth and development of infants and young children, thus opening up a new field of infant and young children's health and laying a solid theoretical foundation for exploring the health of infants and young children.

As a kind of breast milk active protein, lactobronchial protein LPN is found in human milk at a high level of 138 mg/L, which is much higher than that of cow's milk (18 mg/L) and normal formula (9 mg/L), and has been proved to play important roles in early life growth and development, including immune regulation, intestinal development, and neurological development.

In this conference, Yuqin Huang, a graduate student from Prof. Bin Zhang's group at the School of Food Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, introduced in the conference report that how to effectively deliver sufficient quantities of well-activated probiotics to the designated location in the intestine is a key problem to be solved in the field of probiotic applications, and elaborated the effect and mechanism of action of LPN as an excipient to enhance the performance of probiotic microcapsules. The results showed that the addition of LPN significantly improved the performance of three strains of Bifidobacterium probiotics, including Bifidobacterium infantis R0033, Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071 and Bifidobacterium breve R0071, and Bifidobacterium shortum M-16V. Bifidobacteriumbreve M-16V survived freeze-drying and gastrointestinal digestion in infants and children and showed a clear concentration effect relationship. Especially when the concentration of LPN was ≥2%, its enhancement of the effect of microencapsulated protected probiotics was extremely significant. This study demonstrated the protective effect of LPN on probiotic activity in microcapsules, and provided a new idea for the combined use of LPN and probiotics to enhance the intestinal health of infants and young children. At the same time, this probiotic activity protection technology has been applied for a national invention patent by H&H Group, in order to escort the transformation of probiotic technology innovation in the future.

This conference has established a good communication bridge between the business community, scientific research community and clinicians in the field of intestinal health. Through this report, H&H Group shares the latest research results of probiotics with people from all walks of life, joins hands with authoritative experts in the field to promote the transformation and application of research results, and promotes the combination of industry, academia and research.

H&H Group has always insisted on scientific research and innovation to promote product innovation. As early as 1999, the predecessor of H&H Group, Biostime, started the research and development of probiotics for infants and children, always insisting on scientific validation, and took the lead in creating probiotic products for infants and children with 21 items of clinical evidence, which help infants and children grow healthily. In the future, H&H Group will continue to focus on the research and development of Probiotics Plus, and is committed to developing more precise nutritional products for infants and young children.

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