Name:Li Ping
Job title:PhD/Chief Physician/Master Supervisor/head of department


Li Ping has been engaged in clinical and scientific research in dermatology for more than 20 years, including 15 years in children’s dermatology. She went to the Department of Dermatology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA for advanced studies. Focus on the management and health education of children's eczema/atopic dermatitis, and she has extensive experience in the diagnosis of hemangioma and vascular malformation, comprehensive treatment of hemangioma, and laser treatment of vascular and pigmented skin diseases. He also has considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and rare skin diseases.

She is the Vice Chairman of the Child Dermatology Sub-specialty Committee of the Dermatology Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Deputy Head of Pediatric Dermatology Group, Pediatric Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Secretary of Pediatrics Group, Dermatology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Deputy leader of the Pediatric Dermatology Group of the Dermatology Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association.