H&H Group presented at the 2021(7th) International Symposium on Gut Microecology and Health
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The 7th International Conference on Gut Microecology and Health was held in Shanghai from Nov 4 to Nov 5. Co-organized by Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Bioon, the conference attracted 300 experts, scholars and industrial representatives from all over the world, providing them a platform to share insights on various topics covering gut microbiota and health, probiotics, infection and immunity.

The development of gut microbiota in early life plays an important role in the short and long-term health of infants. The establishment of gut microbiota in early life is interfered by mode of delivery, feeding patterns, and antibiotic use. The approaches to improve the health of infants through probiotics have become a hot research topic as well as a business focus in the field of early life nutrition in recent years. Dr. Wang Hongwei, Director of Research and Innovation at H&H Group, gave a presentation on Research and Innovation on Probiotics for Infant, where he shared H&H’s clinical research on probiotics for infants. Dr. Wang pointed out that though probiotics could help improve infant health, we should be careful with their application in infants. Currently, only 13 strains have been approved for infant use under relevant Chinese regulations. Infant formula containing probiotics and prebiotics in the form of health food are both applicable.

Director of Research and Innovation at H&H Group

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