BINC attended the 2021 China Special Food Conference Probiotics Nutrition and Health Summit Forum
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BINC deeplyparticipated in the Probiotic Nutrition and Health Summit Forum

Since the Special Food Conference established, it has deeply focused on the fields of health foods, infant formula milk powder, intestinal microecological products, and has now become one of the carriers for sharing the scientific research results of probiotics. In this conference, Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) attended the "2021 Probiotics and Special Population Nutrition and HealthSummit Forum", and shared the micro-ecological research frontier and development trend seminar with the participants, which caused a high degree of focus on.

At the scene, Deng Shaowei, Chief Expert of China Nutrition and Health Food Association, Chen Wei, President of Jiangnan University/Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Wan Chao, Director of Health Food Registration Division of Special Food Safety Supervision and Management Department of State Administration for Market Regulation, Li Fengqin, Researcher of National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, Guo Haifeng, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, Lan Canhui, Dean of the Enthusiastic Research Institute, and Wang Hongwei, Director of Research and Innovation of Jianhe Group China,delivered keynote speeches.

From the current situation of probiotics, Academician Chen Wei explored the frontier dynamicsand scientific development of China's nutrition and health industry andproposed sharing. He mentioned that research on intestinal probiotics andintestinal flora with more authoritative scientific proofs affects human healthand the occurrence and development of diseases.

Chen Wei, Presidentof Jiangnan University/Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Director Wan Chao also stated that the probiotic industry, research and development and safety issues need to ensure that products are "scientifically verified andeffective", improve "probiotic product supervision", and truly form an industry consensus on production, learning, and research, in order to better promote sustainable development of China's probiotic industry.

Wan Chao, Director,Health Food Registration Division, Special Food Safety Supervision and Administration Department, State Administration for Market Regulation

Dr. Hongwei Wang also brought a keynote report on "Innovative Research in the Field of Probiotics for Infants and Young Children". The report pointed out that the intestinal flora of infants and young children is susceptible to interference, and the intestinal probiotics are more suitable for infants and young children to supplement. The multi-strain and a large number of clinically verified probiotic combinations are very important points, which have been unanimously recognized by the participating experts.

Dr. Wang also mentioned that, as a promoter of maternal and child health, Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) has continued to deepen intestinal microecology scientific research since its establishment, and it has also established an independently managed scientific research fund to unite domestically and internationally. Authoritative institutions and colleges are exploring the field of intestinal microecology in depth. Up to now, BINC has invested more than 10 million in funding scientific research projects, and many have achieved gratifying results.

Wang Hongwei,Director of Research and Innovation, H&H Group China

In addition, under the chairmanship of Yan Weixing, former deputy director of the National Centerfor Food Safety Risk Assessment, a roundtable forum on "Probiotics Industry/Industry Future Development and Supervision Suggestions" was opened. Wang Dahong, Secretary-General of the Marketing Committee of the China Health Care Association, He Guoqing, a professor in the School of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, Zhejiang University, Su Yixiang, a professor in the Nutrition Department of the School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, and Guo Haifeng, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, and other guests attended the forum. "The necessity and health benefits of probiotics for infants and young children", "Registration of Probiotics Health Food","Probiotics Registration Approval", "Probiotics Market Statusand Problems" and other hot topics of social concern were conducted. Thein-depth discussion brought many authoritative insights to the audience.

Roundtable Forum

This is the first time that BINC has participated in the China Special Food Conference in depth. The results of BINC maternal and child health research have been unanimously affirmed by the participating experts. In addition to the aforementioned scientific research funds, BINC also cooperates with authoritative expert teamsto regularly carry out academic exchange activities, build a professional exchange platform, promote academic research and exchanges in the fields ofnutrition, care, and psychology, and share the latest research results and academics with the society information has been highly praised and recognized by the academic community and society.

"Dedicate to science, care mother and children" is the mission that BINC has always insisted on. In the future, BINC will continue to work with domestic and foreign authoritative institutions, experts and scholars to in-depth researchand exchanges on maternal and child health, continue to promote the vigorous development of maternal and infant business.

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