Micro-ecological platform researchers travel to France for meteogenomics technology exchange
Nantes, France28652017/07/07 Favorite

Communication Topic: Training and exchange of microecological research techniques


Communication Time: June 15th-21th, 2017


Communication Place: Central Laboratory of Biofortis, a subsidiary of the Merières Group in Nantes, France



The event is based on a strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties on technology transfer of micro-ecological platforms. It aims to establish a world-class micro-ecological research and application platform for BINC by introducing Biofotis' advanced experience and technology in micro-ecological research.


The key content of this training exchange is the micro-ecological metagenomic analysis technology based on the second-generation high-throughput sequencing technology. During the training, BINC researchers have studied and practiced all the techniques of DNA sample preparation, library establishment, on-machine sequencing and data analysis. Process, share and discuss the problems and existing doubts found in practice. In addition, the Biofortis team shared the practical experience of other application directions based on NGS technology (such as microbial whole genome sequencing), which provided support for expanding the technical capabilities and application direction of the BINC technology platform.


During the training, BINC team shared the progress of the construction of the Guangzhou laboratory NGS platform. Biofortis highly praised the hardware level of the BINC research platform, laboratory management, technical staff professional level and skills. The training is the third on-site exchange between the technical teams of both parties. Biofortis team will also go to the BINC Guangzhou laboratory for more in-depth technical exchanges in November 2017, and will comprehensively analyze the experimental process, quality control and data analysis. Supervise the audit to ensure high quality test results output.


At present, the BINC micro-ecological platform has purchased the IlluminaMiseq second-generation sequencer, and is equipped with Qubit3.0 fluorescence meter, Agilent2100 bioanalyzer and other supporting instruments. The smooth operation of this platform will strongly support the future of BINC in the intestine, the study of human micro-ecology, such as skin and birth canal, promotes the application and transformation of micro-ecological research results. BINC will also work with Bioforits on long-term and in-depth cooperation in human micro-ecological research and functional food clinical research.


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