Name:Wen Liu
Job title:Professor/Doctoral Supervisor


Professor Liu is the Deputy Dean of Psychological School and member of party committee at Liaoning Normal University; Academic Leader for Development and Educational Psychology; Head of Early Stage Children’s Psychological Development and Education Research Institute; member of Developmental and Educational Psychology Committee, Education Committee and Social Psychological Committee at Chinese Psychological Society; President of Developmental and Educational Psychology Committee at Liaoning Provincial Psychological Society; member of International Society of Behavior Development; Consultant Experts at Provincial Level for young and mid-aged psychological health; member of Advisory Committee for Dalian Government and the Municipal Party Committee; member of Dalian Emergency Committee.

Professor Liu is the leading researcher of National Social Science Fund Key Projects, National Education Key Projects listed in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, Chinese Post-Doctoral Fund Projects, Key Social Science Projects listed by the Ministry of Education; Key Social Science Projects listed by Liaoning Philosophy and Social Science Fund, international projects cooperated with Japan, US and Australia. Professor Liu is also involved in National Natural Science Fund Projects, National Philosophy and Social Science Fund Project and key projects listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. She was invited to the 30thWorld Psychology Conference and reported at the 28th and 29thWorld Psychology Conference. Professor Liu is also a frequent participant for the International Applied Psychology Conference and the International Behavior Development Conference.