Name:Paul Ross
Job title:Professor


Paul Ross graduated from UCC with a B.Sc. inBiochemistry and Microbiology, and a Ph.D. in Microbiology. Followingpostdoctoral research and an Assistant Professorship at Wake Forest University,NC, he moved to Teagasc’s Moorepark Food Research Centre to lead the FoodBiotechnology program. Now he is the head of College of Science Engineering& Food Science at UCC and the deputy head in the APC PharmabioticInstitute, UCC and Teagasc. His research interest is food and health researchparticularly in antimicrobials and anti-infective, gut microbiota and hosthealth, lactic acid bacteria and probiotics, bacteriophage, human, animal andgut pathogens. Author on over 621 peer-reviewed articles in addition to 23Patents. 

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