Name:Wei Zhou
Job title:Chief physician/Doctoral supervisor


Professor Zhou is a Guest Pediatrician of Biostime Institute Nutrition& Care (BINC); Director of NICU at Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center and Guangzhou Children's Hospital; Member of Neonatology Group, Society of Pediatrics, Chinese Medical Association; Member of Neonatology Professional Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Vice Chairman of Neonatology Group, Guangdong Medical Association; Vice Chairman of Neonatology Group, Guangzhou Medical Association; Vice Chairman of Perinatology Working Committee, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association; Member of the 5th CouncilMeeting of Guangdong Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development; Deputy Director of Neonatal Emergency Group, Perinatology WorkingCommittee, Guangdong Medical Association. 

As a seasoned doctor in clinical practice, education and scientific research of pediatrics and neonatology, Professor Zhou has expertise in managing premature infants, treating newborn brain damage and doing research on newborn brain damage. Professor Zhou is the first author/corresponding author to over 110 essays published in state level academic journals. Overall, he has published over 150 essays in state leveljournals. Professor Zhou is the chief editor to Practical Neonatal Treatment Technology and the chief translator toModern Diagnosis and Treatment inPediatrics (the 20th edition). He is also the co-author of 6 monographs. Professor Zhou has been involved in 13 researches including scientific projects at both provincial level and municipal level as well as Provincial Natural Science Fund Projects as the leading researcher or theresearch fellow. Professor Zhou is the editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Perinatal Medicine, Chinese Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, International Journal of Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics, Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Neonatology, Journal Developmental Medicine (e-version), and the contributing editor of Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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