Name:Jingxiong Jiang
Job title:Researcher


Jiang Jingxiong is a researcher of Department of Child Health, National Center of Women and Children’s Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC). She has engaged in work of pediatric clinic and child health for 30 years, with research focuses on nutrition, growth and development of children. Her research covers childhood obesity, childhood anemia, physical growth, and infant feeding. As the principal, Jiang participated in the formulation of national standards for child health, and has published scores of professional and popular science articles in Class I international and domestic academic journals, and has published multiple monographs.

Jiang serves as an editorial board member of several domestic Class I professional journals, managing director of China Healthy Birth Science Association (CHBSA), and vice-chairman of Committee on Childhood Nutrition under CHBSA, standing committee member of Chinese Committee on Children Health under CMDA, member of committee of experts, Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association (CMCHA), member of Scientific Advisory Board under International Obesity Task Force (IOTF), member of under Expert Committee on Early Child Development under China Health Care Association, etc.


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