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BINC Attended the 13th National Conference on Perinatal Medicine, focus again on the power of maternal and child health research innovation
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On October 10-12, 2019, Chinese Medical Association the 13th National Conference on Perinatal Medicine was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. The conference is focusing on Perinatal maternal and child safety.

As an authoritative international academic organization focusing on scientific research and providing comprehensive solutions for mothers and infants, Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC) has been invited to the conference, shared the latest research and advanced information with perinatal experts from all over the world.


Nutrition ingredient in breast milk, the effect of probiotic received much attention from the conference

At the meeting, Gynecology Prof. Xu Xianming from Shanghai General Hospital showed that breastfeeding in maternal and child health is an important indicator of child survival, protection and development. Breastfeeding can be said to be the most suitable feeding method for baby digestion and absorption.


However, for babies who are unable to breastfeed for various reasons, scientists and nutritionists around the world are improving their formulas with breast milk as a standard, so that their nutritional structure is as close as possible to breast milk, they believe, “if it is for various objective reasons unable to adhere to breastfeeding, it is recommended to choose milk powder with SN-2 PLUS affinity structure fat. This technology optimizes the fat structure of the formula powder, and the feeding effect is closer to breast milk, which is easier for the baby to absorb."

Gynecology Prof. Xu Xianming from Shanghai General Hospital (left)


Intestinal problems in infants and young children are academic topics that have long been the focus of scholars in the field of maternal and child health. The impact of probiotics on this has also become another focus of the seminar. Neonatology Prof. Shi Yuan, from Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, shared, “For babies with digestive problems in formula feeding, it is usually recommended to supplement probiotics in the clinic to help the baby establish a good intestinal micro-ecology. In addition, weakly-resistant babies can also add some probiotics to help regulate the balance of the baby's intestinal flora, and further increase the resistance. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the bacterial content is up to standard, it is best to verify the effectiveness of clinical results. And safety products."

The Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University Neonatology Prof. Shi Yuan (middle)


Biostime selecting global resources, BINC innovative research achievement boost maternal and child health

BINChas always been committed to breast milk nutrition and intestinal health research, and hopes to provide scientific evidence, technology development and innovative product solutions for global research and development in the field of maternal and child health through global research. Biostime will also be based on scientific research and development, integrate global quality resources, and comprehensively and effectively protect the product quality and service of Biostime.


As the world's leading brand of baby probiotics, Biostime has established a solid foundation in micro-ecology, probiotics and prebiotics, and established the leading bio-ecological research center Biostime Institute of Nutrition and Care (BINC). Carry out the research on infantile intestinal flora and prebiotics. At this meeting, Biostime specially displayed the world's leading probiotic product "Biostime Children's Probiotics" and a new dosage form of "mixed powder, more active" probiotic drops. Each bottle of drops has a high viable amount of 62.5 billion, and can be used by 0-year-old newborn babies, and clinically proven to help improve intestinal problems in newborn babies. It is convenient to use in multiple scenarios.

In addition, Biostime has been committed to promoting the quality of global dairy products with world-leading French premium milk sources, innovative scientific feeding methods and advanced processes, combined with scientific formula. At this meeting, Biostime also showed the nation's first innovative formula to add LPN whey protein (naturally rich in OPN osteopontin) formula - Biostime "Pai Star" series infant formula. The relevant research contents of LPN whey protein bioactive components were shared with the participating experts.


“Biostime together with the well-known hospitals and universities have completed the clinical study of LPN whey protein infants. The results show that the addition of LPN whey protein formula can help regulate the cytokine levels of infants and reduce abnormal body temperature. The feeding effect is closer to breastfeeding.” The research results shared by Biostime also became the focus of consultations on the booth during the conference.


BINC increase the scientific investment, in order to promote maternal and child health industry communication

Since 2012, in order to promote the development of scientific research on maternal and child health, Biostime invested more than 10 million to support public welfare maternal and child research program at domestic and abroad, especially set up Biostime Institution of Nutrition and Care (BINC), together with expert team, created a professional communication platform, at the same time, set up research funding programme in order to encourage innovative applied research in the field of maternal and child health research at domestic and abroad.


In the future, BINC will continuing invest in this aspect, and hope to actively promote maternal and child health through scientific research and educational cognition through continuous innovation of high quality maternal and child nutrition product, at the same time, by the method of scientific and education to boost maternal and child health, provide a comprehensive solution for maternal and child health.

“The development of perinatal medicine and maternal and child health is a long-term systematic project, which requires the concerted efforts of all walks of life." Experts and scholars at the conference gave unanimous praise to representatives of academic institutions such as BINC, and said that this not only represents The concept of “focusing on perinatal care for mother and child safety” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it has promoted the improvement of maternal and child health research and education awareness level to create a strong academic atmosphere. It is worth looking forward to, relying on BINC's innovative research, Biostime actively promotes the integrated development of production, learning and research, and will aggregate more international scientific research cooperation to jointly achieve breakthroughs in innovation and R&D in the industry.

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